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Why Self-Ligating Braces are Better than Old Braces

A lot of parents ask orthodontists about the changes involving braces over the years. Through numerous technological developments in orthodontics, self-ligating braces are now replacing the old invasive braces. This is one of the technological advanced orthodontic treatment available at TDR orthodontics Birmingham braces to make orthodontic treatment stress-free and better for your orthodontic wants. For a vivid explanation of how the self-ligating braces work, it is sensible that we first look at how the old-metal braces function. Brackets positioned on the teeth are secured on an archwire that is set in position using ties. The ties serve as a regulator for the tension of the wire. They are constricted to activate and initial tooth movement.

With self-ligating braces, you don’t have to use the ties. Rather, the specialized designed to retain archwires in place using a clip built into the bracket low-profile contour. This ensures that the archwire moves more freely within the brackets, facilitating efficient and comfortable tooth movement. In the piece, we’ve compiled a list of the excellent advantages that the self-ligating braces can offer patients including your little ones.

One paramount reason to consider self-ligating braces is that they are much smaller and less invisible compared to the old-fashioned braces. Through technological advancements braces are now miniaturized making them less conspicuous and more comfortable wearing. Self-ligating braces are regarded as the best combination of outmoded clear braces and imperceptible teeth aligners. It is an orthodontic treatment nearly imperceptible to others, which is beneficial for better self-esteem among adults and children as they don’t have to wear the metal braces which can be embarrassing.

One main drawback when it comes to the traditional metal braces is the challenge of upholding suitable dental hygiene as plague and bacteria often build up within the wires which make it hard to reach. This can contribute to various dental issues like cavities. The advantage of self-ligating braces, flossing and brushing of teeth is much easier considering that the braces have no food and bacteria trapping ligatures.

Also, self-ligating braces are essential for quicker results as they encourage the efficient movement of teeth smaller treatment spans. Self-ligating braces minimizing friction when sliding on archwires which catalyze the orthodontic treatment process. This means that the procedure will take much shorter. Within a short period, you fix a crooked smile and improve on your self-esteem.

Last but not least, self-ligating braces are more convenient than traditional braces. The self-ligating braces don’t need a lot of adjustments than the outmoded metal braces, meaning that visits to your orthodontist are few. As such, you save more time and money considering that you don’t have to fit lots of appointments in your schedule.

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